Who is dating david archuleta

08-Oct-2017 23:08

Oliver and Lilly started dating in the third season, and dated to the end of the series. Promma Mia: This is the fourteenth episode of Season 3.

It centers around Miley's promise to Aaron, a seemingly geeky guy at their school, and a last-minute phone call with David Archuleta (who guest stars as himself), asking her to sing a duet with him.

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In the beginning of the episode, Oliver and Lilly are seen linking arms and walking down a flight of stairs at school.

They stop at a group of girls and Oliver says, "Oh, I'm sorry ladies.

People make up all kinds of dating rumors about David, often with a female celebrity but he actually gets a bit annoyed that people do that.

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Cosgrove and Maslow were speculated to be dating for a couple of years after Maslow guest starred on i Carly in September 2008.

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