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09-Nov-2017 20:23

This Paper reviewed the background, set out the proposals made up to that time by the Northern Ireland parties and other interests, together with the wide range of theoretical options, established the basic facts-political, economic and security-which would have to be taken into account in moving towards a settlement, and stated the criteria which firm proposals for the future must meet. These fundamental criteria were set out in paragraph 79 of the Paper as follows: (a) In accordance with the specific pledges given by successive United Kingdom Governments, Northern Ireland must and will remain part of the United Kingdom for as long as that is the wish of a majority of the people; but that status does not preclude the necessary taking into account of what has been described in this Paper as the 'Irish Dimension'.

For good measure, Lamar follows it up with the epic neo-soul workout ‘Fear’. is everything you’d want from an album – an audacious creative effort that speaks to a large audience, while successfully capturing the spirit of the times.

Hip-hop superstar delivers second consecutive masterpiece. With DAMN., Kendrick Lamar has achieved the musical equivalent of winning back-to-back Champions League titles, thus extending his reign over the pop cultural landscape – a period of absolute pre-eminence attained by all major artists, famously described by the Pet Shop Boys’ Neil Tennant as “the imperial phase.” Faced with the formidable task of following up the era-defining To Pimp A Butterfly, Kendrick has gone back to basics: as telegraphed by the cover (the rapper in a white t-shirt against a brick wall, leering out at us) and the one-word song titles, DAMN. Fear not, though – Lamar’s genius as songwriter, producer and lyricist is still conspicuously in evidence. still gets around the musical houses in dazzling fashion: throbbing electro on ‘DNA’; atmospheric trip-hop on ‘Yah’; icy industrial on ‘Humble’.

And as with similar heavyweights like Prince and Bowie, Lamar is an avant-garde adventurer who also can pen a hit single to order: expect the Rihanna collaboration, ‘Loyalty’, to be unavoidable this summer.

Volunteers swamped the Cave Hill Country Park on Saturday as part of the search for the 22-year-old Newtownabbey man.

He went missing on July 13 and searches had taken place in Belfast and close to his home.Let’s hope Kendrick makes it over to Ireland soon to perform this bad boy. And what is the creative background to the Hot Press Album of the Year 2015, To Pimp A Butterfly?

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